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Furthermore, IINI training is provided to all law enforcement involved in these investigations, including federal, state, local, and foreign law enforcement agencies.

During the early stages of Innocent Images, a substantial amount of time was spent conducting investigations on commercial online service providers that provide numerous easily accessible "chat rooms" in which teenagers and pre-teens can meet and converse with each other.

It has proven to be a logical, efficient and effective method to identify and investigate individuals who are using the Internet for the sole purpose of sexually exploiting children.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) operates a Cyber Tipline at allows parents and children to report child pornography and other incidents of sexual exploitation of children by submitting an online form.

Further investigation and discussions with experts, both within the FBI and in the private sector, revealed that the utilization of computer telecommunications was rapidly becoming one of the most prevalent techniques by which some sex offenders shared pornographic images of minors and identified and recruited children into sexually illicit relationships.

In 1995, based on information developed during this investigation, the Innocent Images National Initiative was started to address the illicit activities conducted by users of commercial and private online services and the Internet.

The IINI provides centralized coordination and analysis of case information that by its very nature is national and international in scope, requiring unprecedented coordination with state, local, and international governments, and among FBI field offices and Legal Attachés.

Today computer telecommunications have become one of the most prevalent techniques used by pedophiles to share illegal photographic images of minors and to lure children into illicit sexual relationships.

INNOCENT IMAGES NATIONAL INITIATIVE The Innocent Images National Initiative (IINI), a component of FBI's Cyber Crimes Program, is an intelligence driven, proactive, multi-agency investigative initiative to combat the proliferation of child pornography/child sexual exploitation (CP/CSE) facilitated by an online computer.

In fact, currently more personnel resources are expended towards violations worked under the IINI than any other program within the FBI's Cyber Division.

Between fiscal years 19, there was a 2050% increase in the number of IINI cases opened (113 to 2430) throughout the FBI.

THE HISTORY OF THE INNOCENT IMAGES NATIONAL INITIATIVE: While investigating the disappearance of a juvenile in May 1993, FBI Special Agents and Prince George's County, Maryland, Police detectives identified two suspects who had sexually exploited numerous juveniles over a 25-year period.

Investigation into these activities determined that adults were routinely utilizing computers to transmit sexually explicit images to minors, and in some instances to lure minors into engaging in illicit sexual activity.

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