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Here is the complete architecture of Graph Lab Create.

There are multiple benefits of using Graph Lab as described below: In Black Friday challenge, we are required predict the numeric quantities “Purchase” i.e.

A quick exploration told me that this tool has immense potential to reduce our machine learning modeling pains. I now have dedicated a few days to understand its science and logical methods of usage. Were you trying to improve your Machine Learning model ? Then, you can purchase subscription for following years.

To get you started quickly, here is a beginners guide on Graph Lab in Python. Carlos was a professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

Hence, in this article, ‘Graph Lab’ connotes Graph Lab Create. Graph Lab is a new parallel framework for machine learning written in C .

It helps data scientists and developers easily create and install applications at large scale. It’s the presence of neat libraries for data transformation, manipulation and model visualization.

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we need a regression model to predict the “Purchase”.

In Graph Lab, we have three type of regression models: A) Linear Regression B) Random Forest Regression C) Gradient Boosted Regression If you have any confusion in algorithm selection, Graph Lab takes care of that. It selects the right regression model automatically.

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