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“I realised for the 13th time we’d lost that chance again.

Through complications from the loss of those twins, Leonie ended up in hospital and we discovered she had an aggressive cervical cancer.” Hello friends, I am sure my announcement on The Living Room tonight that my cancer has returned was a shock for many of you.

Announcing his diagnosis to fans last October, he said his cancer had come back “reasonably aggressively”. “We’ve got a cancer in my body that has created several tumours right through my body.” The team at St Vincents are amazing but I am bored silly.

Being away from the ones you love is the toughest part of this illness.

I really hope by sharing my journey I encourage us all to think about our lifestyle choices, healthy diet a little more exercise, mindfulness and self belief. #health #diet #mindfulness A post shared by Barry Du Bois.

(@baz_dubois) on Complete with stories, advice and recipes from Maester, Du Bois said he wanted to share the expert knowledge he’s received throughout his cancer journey.

“I got my children there, and I’m nearly 58 years old, and I wanted to get down some of the life lessons that I’ve learnt, but also combine that with the great information that we’re privvy to.” “Everybody’s cancer journey is personal to them, what I’m doing is sharing what has worked for me and hopefully it will help some people out there as well,” he said.

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