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This example dates to the 2nd-3rd quarter of the 19th C.

and is in the form of the classic Argentinian gaucho knife.

They can give you a good sugar boost throughout the day, but nothing can beat the original sports drink. I don’t want to drink the rest of this.” “It definitely tastes like watered down lime green Gatorade.” At this point, I was pretty sure that Body Armor drinks are just a fancy way of saying Gatorade with coconut water. ” “Blah.” Personally, I love all grape-flavored food, but this tasted like I was chugging watered-down cold medicine. The banana just hits you.” “This is my least favorite.” “I don’t think my mouth can handle much more and strawberry banana is usually my favorite.” This drink may be better just left behind on the shelf.

“I like how it smells at least.” “It’s the coconut aftertaste that throws me off.” “It’s like a bad margarita.” Apparently this is like a margarita for athletes that won’t get you drunk and doesn’t taste that good. We were all rather disappointed in this taste test.

This example is a German or Imperial Russian court sword of beautiful form and design. The scabbard features the original mounts but the crimson velvet appears to have been added later on to match the color of the ...

The grip is composed of three pieces of matched pink agate of the finest quality carved for a pleasing grip and displaying a vivid and beautiful layered pattern emblematic of the finest 18th C. The mounts are mercury gilded brass in the classic 18th C. A particularly elegant example of a very early hourglass. however judging by the clouding in the glass, the age and softness of the oak wood, I would date this example to the 17th C.

At this point in the stories evolution, Lightsabers were de rigour for all combatants and not just Sith and Jedi.

However as you can see the basic design of the Stormtrooper character is pretty well defined.

Although this might taste more like watered-down orange juice, it’s not that bad.At Michigan State University as part of the on-campus meal plan, we get a “Combo-X-Change” at Sparty’s or the dining hall every weekday.It is basically an extra meal you can take back home.An exceptionally rare example of a princely or royal ballock or dudgeon dagger dating to the late 15th - early 16th century.Of a well known type often river or water found, this example was reputedly a river find in Northern England in the 1960s, and is composed of materials that would have been only used on the highest quality examples of the period. The hilt fittings are entirely chiseled in silver with various images including portraits of classical figures and 17th C. The uniforms and hairstyles generally reflect the mid to late 17th style.

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