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Witness the women carrying water on their heads for miles in the scorching heat on one hand, and crops under flood irrigation and the cars of the rich being hosed down in the cities, on the other.An arid country, Pakistan depends heavily on annual glacier melts and monsoon rains.Water pollution, discharge of effluents and unsafe drinking water are factors among others that pose a threat to human wellbeing and Pakistan’s ecosystem.While some do not have water to drink, others waste it in vast quantities.

Our water resource base continues to be degraded because of pollution, atrophy, veruse of surface water and over-exploitation of groundwater.

We cannot solve a very complex geographical, hydrological, economic and environmental problem through politicking.

The discussion on water distribution, therefore, should be in relation to uses and users, not among political or administrative units.

If that balance is destroyed, then the entire water system is affected and will, over time, be felt right up to the watersheds.

Pakistan is dependent on a single river system and we cannot afford to take any more chances with the water/sediment/salt balance of the Indus Basin.

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