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BBC Entertainment commissioner Alan Tyler said: "It's dating, it's sport, it's comedy and we are delighted to have such a 'prestigious' tournament showcased on BBC Three.It's a huge bonus to have Doyle Mac Manus and James Chetwynd Talbot on board to provide the kind of sensitive commentary that is a perfect companion to that tricky and unforgiving first date moment."Executive producers Joff Powell and Simon Welton added: "Working with a contemporary comedy icon like Rob Riggle is an absolute pleasure and we wrote the role with him in mind.

Controversial but popular dating show , hosted by comic Patrick Mc Guinness, is also presently screening to audiences during ITV1's primetime Saturday evening schedules.

But one would imagine (or daydream) that dating a royal might make the entire ordeal feel like a fairy tale…but according to one woman who knows, it’s far more demanding and full of expectations.

Just ask Cressida Bonas—Prince Harry’s former girlfriend is speaking out about their time together and how she’s changed since their breakup.

The couple dated for two years, after they were set up by Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

But despite murmurs of a royal wedding, they broke up in 2014.

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