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Monster Dating A woman relives her most disastrous post divorce dates, who turn out to be actual monsters, while lying to an on line dating service in a short play featuring one woman and three men.

Then there's Prince Hamlet who doesn't know what he wants as well a dame named Ophelia who wants everything including Thyme..Previously, Lexis Nexis had a stripped-down free version (known as Lexis One) but this has been discontinued and replaced by Lexis Communities, is a Lexis Nexis-branded software offering.In France, the UK and Australia, Lexis Nexis publishes books, magazines and journals, both in hard copy and online.Summoned to Elsinore by King Hamlet, Thyme finds the old man dying and promises to help Hamlet, the king's son, avenge his death.The problem is Thyme doesn't know who zotzed the old man.

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CASTING NOTE: While this plays seems to have a large cast, all, but the lead roles of Thyme, Hamlet, Ophelia and Gertrude, can be double or triple cast with actors playing multiple speaking roles as well as filling in as members of the royal court, the pirate crew and soldiers.

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