Bios the rapid updating b12 0723

You must make sure, though, that your operating system is stable and that it cannot surprise you by causing a crash during the flashing operation.

I took the BIOS from F3U and modified it again by adding Intel RSTe EFI Sata Driver, then removing Intel UEFI Sata Driver, which, according to this page: Intel EFI "Sata Driver"/"Gop Driver" BIOS Modules is for Hi, I believe the problem you are having could possibly be a result of the new BIOS F3X having an incompatible module added to it. So you may still wish to consider trying it out with F3X, let me know if you do. It may appear different because I used the module from Fernando's Win-RAID Forum. Tayl8h...h Fp4Ubgn5r Sd3w The problems went from bad to worse.

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- Full Screen LOGO Show = Disabled (to see the raid configuration at startup).

After reboot I expected the raid drives to be visible.

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