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These fun times include hikes, beach bonfires, paddle boarding, picnics, concerts, bunco tournaments, basketball, dances, and much, much more!

For details on upcoming meetups and activities, check out our Events Calendar below.

Weekly | Various Days/Times | Various Locations Our church offers many types of medical and relational groups intended to support and help Singles in and through difficult times.

Saddleback offers free counseling and support groups that include Divorce Care, Grief Recovery, and Widows Supporting Widows.

Mondays | 7pm Our plan is to launch multiple 30s – 40s small groups throughout the week and create a thriving larger community.

Visit the 40s Group Facebook page for updates about events, service opportunities and more.

Email us for details or check out the Events Calendar below.

Quarterly | Various Days/Times | Lake Forest Campus For our events, we invite Saddleback Pastors and bring in Best-Selling Authors from around the country to speak to our Singles on topics that promote spiritual health.

We gather on Sunday nights for relevant teaching and engaging small group discussion.Weekly | Various Days/Times | Lake Forest Campus Join the Team!We are looking for men and women who love Jesus and have a desire to help Singles CONNECT with each other, GROW in their faith, SERVE others in love, REACH their world for Jesus, and HONOR God with their life.Afterward, we meet back on the patio for our After Party!Simply show up and introduce yourself to one of our Community Leaders (wearing Red Lanyards). Weekly | Various Days/Times | Various Locations Small Groups are where you can know others and be known.

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