Burned out on dating

LMAONot only is "taking a break" not a bad thing..is actually a suggested practice when seeking to reinvigorate a search. Even our interests don't have to 'match' as I figure that's one of the bonuses of meeting people, is learning new things....

Time is the best thing for being relaxed, energized, and focused for practical dating. Not sure why you're having a hard time, you seem attractive. Even the guy that I've been talking to, well..have HAD the opportunity to meet, despite the fact that I am only available on Sun-Tues.

I mean, I figure if he REALLY wanted to meet, it could have happened ten times over by now, so SOMETHING is 'off', there, and I've lost patience, frankly.... I'm just a normal person myself, not a supermodel, or a Nobel laureate and I don't pretend to be....

He's probably married or something for all I know.... I mean, I actually MET a guy, we even went from coffee to dinner and had, what I thought, was a good time, and then he asked me out again...then I never heard from him again!!! I am what and who I am whether online or IRL...maybe it's naive or ridiculous to even SAY it, but holy COW, where have all of the NORMAL people gone?!?!?!?!? I think you're probably right about a profile revamp and I may have to take eric's suggestion as well and just take a COMPLETE break from it for now, for at least a little while...

Occasionally, if someone asks, I'll send a picture and then I get no response.

And trust me, these guys are not 10's by any stretch of the imagination.

I can FEEL myself getting 'crispy' around the edges...I realized a long time ago, that dating profiles are like resumes.

Sometimes people look better on paper...sometimes they reallyshine in person even though their "paper" might suggest otherwise.

Besides taking a break which, I'm discovering for myself is part of my 'relationship pattern', as in date/get fed up/swear off dating for 3,6,9, months or so, until my memory fades enough to allow me to jump back in with a 'fresh perspective' and then rinse and repeat, what is the solution, for yourself? (And please don't tell me that I should have resurrected an old thread, I didn't, so respond or don't, that's up to you! I've tried all sorts of profiles -- sweet, funny, snarky, and sometimes downright nasty.

This place is a sounding board for people who have no one elseto talk to (or no one that would let them talk as they do here), peoplewho want to strike out at anyone because they can't strike out at someone. Wait until you get my age, if you think it is tough now.

People who love the attention here but have no plans to ever meet anyone..it's the game that's played everyday on the forums. I think we all feel the burnout and discouraged and the burnout... I need a certain type to fit into my lifestyle and future..everyone claims.

It seems that even getting to the meet and greet stage as in having the opportunity to get to know someone better is becoming more and more elusive....

I am still contacting/responding to guys, not as often these days as I have other things going on, but enough that I'm just feeling like it's more of a chore, than anything even RESEMBLING 'fun'....

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