Changesets and updating work items

In addition, work items are the hub for linkage between many Rational Team Concert artifacts (e.g.

builds, work items, and change sets) and provide support for integration with other products.

so in the long run, what happens is that this task ends up running ends up comparing against a build label which is way too old and has to do way too many comparisons and ends up erroring out with system.outofmemory exceptions.

to workaround this, I now, once in a week, turn off the unit tets, to get this task updated and store a "good" build label.

Along came v Next builds in TFS / Visual Studio Online / Visual Studio Team Services, which solved all of the pain of setting up and maintaining builds, but which also didn’t update the “Integration Build” value on the work items.

With a small workspace and an existing "good" build, the Gen Checkin Notes Update Work Items task should be running about as quickly as it can (which is not very quickly - see Buck's blog post here for details). Do you have anything else customized in your build process - in particular, are you doing anything special with the label generation or the workspace mappings Aaron Hallberg - MSFT RP, In general my recommendation here would be to get your unit tests passing on a more regular basis.

There is no simple workaround for changing the definition of a "good" build, but there are workarounds you could use to change the default behavior of the Gen Checkin Notes Update Work Items task.

Work item customization can be used to create new work item types or modify existing types in order to support the development process that your team follows.

Work item tracking includes the following functionality: Manage development tasks (defects, enhancements, tasks, stories, etc.) in the Eclipse-based IDE, in your favorite web browser, or in the client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE.

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