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I couldn’t believe mom had brought home some rando from the bar. She had less respect for herself than she had for me and she barely noticed me. I could taste the salty sex sweat as I circled the head round and round and slowly started to move my lips onto him keeping my tongue moving. “Good little cock~sucker, keep going.” He was sliding into my mouth now, holding me still to take him. He started stroking into my mouth and calling me the same dirty names I’d heard through the wall. How did a little girl like you get to be such a slut? He leaned over grinding against me and whispered hotly in my ear, “Fuck, you’re a little bitch in heat, aren’t you! His fingers felt incredible and one entered my ass to the first knuckle and started wiggling around. He moaned and his head rolled back as his fingers twined in my hair and he guided me onto him.

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