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So, while we’re celebrating the current slew of outings and ousting’s, it’s important we pay attention to the men who have been allowed to flourish in spite of their alleged crimes—and to interrogate exactly when and why a man’s talent is privileged over a woman’s story.

Or as Jane Fonda noted in the immediate wake of the Weinstein scandal, “It feels like something has shifted…

Remarkably, this was not the case for Chris Brown, who made waves on Halloween morning when he dropped a 45-track album.

XXX is a parody of an artist who should not be tolerated; a man accused of the sorts of crimes that should make landing a positive Pitchfork review—let alone a label offer—impossible.

Meanwhile, his career has been as consistent as his unbridled aggression.

As The Daily Beast’s Kevin Fallon wrote in 2016, “Brown has had six Top 20 singles, released five new albums that have sold nearly 2.5 million copies in the U. alone, led world tours, been nominated for 11 Grammy Awards—winning one—and been nominated for 27 BET Awards, winning 11.

It’s too bad that it’s probably because so many of the women that were assaulted by Harvey Weinstein are famous and white and everybody knows them.

March 2012 - March 2012Chris Brown and Rihanna were rumored to be rekindling their romance in early 2012.

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