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Leaders pointed to a need for greater intracultural competency as a way of understanding and incorporating cultural traditions into the Sacrament of Matrimony, but also to understand the couple's marriage culture and allow for appropriate and respectful marriage preparation.

In (AL), Pope Francis reminds the Church of the need to reach out, evangelize, accompany, and support marriages and families.

Planning for your wedding is time-consuming — with an exciting, memorable day to celebrate when the planning is done.

Elmbrook's Marriage Care ministry provides the resources you need to build on a solid foundation and plan for the best possible future together.

Some leaders described such sessions as taking the form of a youth night for high school students or theology on tap for young adults.

One college campus ministry hosts "You're Invited: A Night on the Sacrament of Marriage" for college students and other young adults in the community.

The surveys indicated that members of the Church's many cultural families can face unique challenges when seeking to be married in the Church.

Ministry events for youth and young adults should actively work to include married role models as leaders and mentors.John Paul II's teachings on the Theology of the Body.When appropriate, chastity, dating, relationships, fertility awareness, and marriage can also be discussed with young people.Further, finding evidence of sacraments from parishes in other countries can also complicate the process.A lack of priests to lead marriage preparation and celebrate the sacrament in the couple's native language also presents a challenge.

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