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There are a lot more here - * * *And finally, this post below from OKComrade might as well have appeared on our Dating Service thread. Some of my favorite thinkers include Bakunin, Stirner, Nietzsche, Emma Goldman, Wolfi Landstreicher, and the Crimeth Inc. Hobbies include reading, walking, playing music, and decadently consuming french press coffee and microbrews.

What’s your definition of cheating in a serious relationship? However, I personally don't feel that I should dump him, but I know that my friends will continue to pester me on this matter.As such, I want a second opinion on what others think.Body:-Midrange Attractiveness, not ugly, not drop-dead gorgeous.-Works out twice a week, fairly toned muscles Lifestyle/Hobbies:-Is a member of Mensa-Works every other Friday at a soup kitchen.-Some artistic ability, can replicate a decent picture of people's faces.-Reads 2-5 books per month.-Music tendencies vary, however, leans towards classical, piano music, and other.One song I could find is this: Con Te Partiro by Andrea Bocelli His views are communist, and as my friends state, this will lead me to an unhappy life.

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