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This can save you a lot of grief and trouble in any relationship. On the other hand, if you are looking for an honest relationship that will end in marriage soon, then again, speak your goals.Women can not read your mind or know your intentions unless you speak it.Learn from your mistakes and other failed attempts at relationships.Truly, evaluate what went wrong in the relationship and how you could have changed it.Understanding the inner workings of a relationship is the only way to truly have a good one.

My friend even block books a date week every season to shake up the sofa-snuggles-in-front-of-The-X-Factor routine.

Sometimes what may be holding you back are other people in your life.

It may not be you at all, but instead those surrounding you.

But while most of us in the coupled-up camp are aware of this, we don't necessarily think we need to work on our confidence when going on a 'date' with our guys we're totally comfortable with. Not until I had a coaching session with dating guru (and head & shoulders Date Night Confidence Coach) Matthew Hussey who advised me that by putting 10% more planning into a special night with my fella (or fiancé as I should call him if that didn't feel so cringey), I – we – could experience each other in a new way that was special, memorable, and sexy. He gave me these eight tips that act like triggers to boost my dating confidence: Take care of you first, feelings follow actions.

"Properly prepare before to get into a good state for the date.

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If you are up front about your expectations then others can not claim that they never truly understood what you wanted.

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