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To make more money, he goes to see patients privately for a high fee. From being a sweet princess to the Queen of Crocodiles then sweet wife to her husband is very worthy of my sleepless nights. Of course Joo Won has been in a medical drama before "Good Doctor" where he shone as the doctor with autism.

He doesn't care whether these patients are criminals as long as they can pay him. I like intelligent, arrogant women but soft when it comes to their loved ones. Though the first episodes have flashbacks that you might find exhausting, it didn't lessen the greatness of the story. He is brilliant here-very brilliant, he is part doctor/stuntman/hustler and what not. Kim Taehee is competent in her role but not brilliant here.

I liked the fact that at no point did the lead pair ever look stupid or unconvincing in their actions.

Kim Tae Hee has a role that would suit a male actor more and plays it with such strength!

The only huge problem i found was how rushed it was.

even tho in first episodes editing was surprisingly bad (srls what were they thinking) Drama is one of those you won't forget easily.Like the last scene I don't understand maybe someone should explain? I don't know if i have watched the same drama as others but the romance between them was quite sudden... I pass my days by watching fave periodic dramas which jang ok jong is my most favorite one. She is so adorable and she always success make good chemistry with anyone in drama. I had actually come across this drama while searching for "Bong Pal" the lead character of "Lets fight Ghost".when this first aired i only watched epis 1 & i thought seeing KTH lying in that huge space-like scene was a turn off for me but the other day i thought of checking it out again since i miss Jung won and now i can't stop watching it & am almost done! i like their chemistry, KTH is such a beautiful & good actress and JW is just as superb since seeing him 1st time in Baker King! I was thinking how they are gonna fall in love and they suddenly started kissing....? Besides from few downsides like the sudden ending and all... I will give it 7.5/10 (Great casting no doubt from the main leads as well as supporting, good cinematography, splendid music...) I just finished watch this drama last night and dear god! And then I search Kim tae hee other drama and tried this one. I just in episode 7 now and there has no romance yet. I never like male lead before , but now I become his new fans. Started the drama but (like many of my fave dramas) didnt get the show on start and left it after watching 15-20 mins After a month while searching for some kpop music videos,came across the video "Nightmare" and was hooked to the song and the images.Why did they fall in love with each other so fast, and so deeply, that was dramas biggest mistake This was a very good series.There is lots of action, and the plot is complex and original.

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