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You may see some distortion in the photos below, such as the borders didn’t come out exactly even on all sides, and I take the pictures with available sunlight so there are widely varying lighting conditions too.I just love the history of these fabric quilt patterns. OHIO STAR The Ohio Star pattern is a simple “9 Patch” quilt block pattern where 4 of the blocks are further divided into triangles making an 8 pointed star.The pattern consists of 4 paws pointed in different directions.In Ohio where there were bears in the early 1850’s the pattern took on the name “Bear Paws”.When red triangles are added to the tree it becomes the Apple Tree pattern which is also called the Tree of Temptation or Forbidden Fruit Tree, a version of the Biblical apple tree that tempted Eve. The history of the Tree of Life pattern is further explained at STARS GALORE This pattern is a basic 8 pointed star.There are many variations and arrangements of this star, this one is my creation.My most treasured fabric quilt is a Mariner’s Compass from the mid 1800’s.

I’m not a professional photographer– so my pictures really don’t do my work justice.

Each barn quilt pattern shown below has a story of its own.

and then scroll down to read the background information.

These patterns can also be made in the 2’x2′ or 18″x18″ sizes for your front porch or for interior use.

This small size barn quilt has even been mounted on the exterior of a Recreational Vehicle!

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