Dating boyfriend with aspergers

When you recognize the incurable condition of AS/ASD, you can experience great sadness and despair in addition to disappointment, anger and loss.

It may be helpful to talk to a skilled therapist who supports you in understanding your feelings and choices. If the therapist is not a specialist in NT-AS relationships and in Ongoing Traumatic Relationship Syndrome (OTRS), the therapist can make things worse.

Instead, you can benefit from communicating your needs in writing.

Drop any hope of reaching a common understanding from conversation and discussion.Here are 15 tips for you, who are an NT-spouse of a person with autism spectrum disorder (ASD): .No one forces you to take responsibility for your AS-partner’s social behavior, tantrums or lack of oversight.Asperger´s syndrome is a severe developmental disorder without the ability of insight into their own and others’ thoughts and feelings.Insight-based therapy, as used in normal couple therapy, is therefore useless when one spouse has AS/ASD.

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Common understanding requires that both parties can listen interpretively to others and put themselves in the other’s place.

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