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A good read and a few laughs, and to retain the feel, I have posted the comments as written, as are the links to the stories. At an earlier Supreme Court hearing, Ms Mokbel was labelled a liar who had played the role of “dumb wife” and deliberately kept assets secret from police.

Now, she’s shared a photo of the dress her grandmother wore in 1944 to her own wedding, and how Melbourne-based fashion designer Sonia Cappellazzo restored the dress to its original glory. I was very close to my beautiful grandmother, Mimi. She would pop out for a skinny dip in the middle of summer dinner parties and loved the Tennis because the ‘men had such good legs’. “More than twenty women in my family have now worn this dress and veil over the past 100 years.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007 2.5 down, more to come It gets worse before it gets better people: Inspector Glenn Weir, who is in charge of the police media unit, was stood down with pay yesterday after giving evidence at an Office of Police Integrity (OPI) inquiry. Of course your legacy item will be the fact that you will be remembered for this and not any worthy acts! Last month Mokbel was convicted of further charges – in his absence – of trafficking ecstasy, and smaller quantities of amphetamines and cocaine.

- imagine: GK: “Well congratulations on the way you left the force, showed a lot of character to wait until you were seconds from being evicted. You will soon be on your way to jail and your pension will be spent on Simon Overland’s education! He was sentenced in his absence to a minimum of nine years’ jail.

He said he was absolutely certain of Strawhorn’s honesty and wanted the court to be aware of his previous good character. i reckon the cops were behind it all along PM Anonymous said… At least the has started up again…and it has a link to this site. I wanna know if Gangitano had anything to do with Babyface PM Anonymous said… ALthough I’d say she knows it, too PM Anonymous said… About time we saw some updates to this blog, including news on Carl Williams’s latest girlfriends, Fat Tony’s whereabouts and ZGW’s latest antics AM Anonymous said… Mokbel fled Australia in March during a trial for importing 2kg of cocaine from Mexico in 2000.

Fellow police officer Inspector John Thexton told the court Strawhorn was one of the most highly-regarded investigators in the drug squad and crime department during his time there. Big news with Carl Williams pleading guilty to 3 nurders PM Anonymous said… but we can only speculate on some of the others as they won’t go to trial. In early 98 I doubt that Williams was a big player (although I could be wrong) And yes, SGW is some hot stuff indeed. The latest arrest coincides with an ongoing police bid to dismantle the financial empire of Tony Mokbel, 41, once estimated to be worth at least million.

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