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The soft drink giant recently enlisted the help of several top social media stars for their influencer marketing campaign, #One Of AKind Lip Sync.

Building on the success of Spike TV's "Lip Sync Battle," Dr.

Pepper's brand awareness and foster favorable social interaction.

Choosing the proper social engagement format or system largely depends on overarching campaign goals.

In 1977, Brooks Products, a bottler in Holland, Michigan, purchased Squirt from Bishop. A&W made a commitment to support Squirt with outstanding advertising, marketing, service and innovation.

Brooks reformulated Squirt and Diet Squirt, updated Squirt's logo and repositioned it as a mainstream soft drink. Under A&W's leadership, Squirt became one of the fastest-growing soft drinks in America.

This strategic design gives influencers and their consumer fans an opportunity to showcase their creativity, ingenuity, and in turn, make it easy for them to interact closely with their social media star. Pepper created their version of a step-and-repeat where social media stars and their fans could easily Instagram, Vine, or Snapchat their experience.

Their campaign strategy yielded a multitude of both influencer and user-generated content that's conveniently branded and instantly shareable.

A sound influencer marketing strategy is built on the right power players with the right combination of strengths. Pepper opted to execute a campaign across multiple (5) social channels.Bringing the right social media stars on board (and all on the same creative vision in perfect harmony with your brand) is not an easy or overnight task.Having the right data and metrics is one thing -- personal relations, scheduling, and coordinating multiple work flows for seamless, productive execution is an entirely different beast.Her self-released EP "Stories Between The Avenues" charted top 50 Pop on i Tunes.Much like educational learning styles or presentation formats (i.e. cons), influencer marketing campaigns stand a much higher rate of success when utilizing familiar social engagement formats.

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