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Donna Freitas wants college students to get serious about good sex.

Your book is titled The End of Sex, but college students you spoke to seem to have plenty of sex—just not always in connection with meaningful relationships.

On a small, rural campus, everybody knows everybody else, there are no parents around, there's nowhere else to go, and there's this sense that there's nothing else to do but drink and hook up.

It's hard for students to find their way out of that sphere.

Even that phrase "free love" implies freedom and choice. I have to remind myself that when I talk to students, I see something that makes my feminist sensibilities cringe.

The '60s was a response to restrictive sexual norms. It's not so much they're exercising liberation or responding to something restrictive. One of my pet peeves is when people ask how feminism is "at fault" for hookup culture. It's not empowerment and freedom—it's coercion and conformity and despair. What other factors affect the way today's college generation relate to each other?

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