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They are the largest importer in the western world of coca leaves, used for Coke's base.

A by-product, as admitted by the Stepan boss, is cocaine sold by them to the pharmaceutical industry.

Blamed for the aborted invasion planned actually by President Eisenhower, President John F.

In some places it is the traditional Sicilian and Italian mafia. Elsewhere used reportedly are the numerous Japanese underworld, the Yakuza.

In other places, former Soviet Secret Police agents the KGB, like in the U. Feeding on lush revenue of Coke ads, the press whores are not about to run news items or documentaries pointing out the reportedly close link between The Coca-Cola Company, covert operations of the American CIA, and the criminal cartel.

Some say the JFK threats against CIA led to the plot to assassinate him. Century, the major player in supplying the chemical sweeteners for non-Diet Coke, was Archer-Daniels-Midland.

Some would simplify this story by pointing to Coke trying to change over greatly to a diet cola, as a way of breaking loose of filling the void once supplied by Cuban cane sugar, against which there was a U. At the time of Watergate, the head of ADM was to have been prosecuted for secret participation in Nixon's covert operations slush fund.

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Of course, NOT used by doctors, who knew the score, was the base for Pepsi-Cola, Royal Crown Cola, or for that matter, any of the other fizz drinks.

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