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One of the most important pieces of the exhibition is a unique painting inscribed with hieroglyphic and demotic writing, reminiscent of the gifts given by Ptolemy the Fifth to the priests of the Isis Temple, said the Director General of the Egyptian Museum Sabah Abdel Razek.Head of the Dominican mission Kathleen Martinez said Taposiris Magna was a vital location for Queen Cleopatra as it included statues of goddess Isis.Some of the marble columns show clear traces of figures most likely representing saints.Corinthian capitals originating from older buildings are placed between the column shafts and the wooden architraves.Although the church was restored several times (11th and 17th century, the last restoration was undertaken in 2000), it still preserves its Medieval charm.Abu Sarga is based on a basilican structure with a nave and two side aisles.A clerical seat is incorporated into the apse and can be reached by seven steps.

The world's most populous Arab nation is rapidly spiralling into crisis and possible civil war after last month's military coup in effect reversed the changes made by its Arab Spring revolution in 2011.The marble ambon is a modern copy of the one in the neighbouring church of St. Parts of the original wooden pulpit were brought to the Coptic Museum, and also to the British Museum in London.Above the side and return aisles is a gallery with two chapels (one dedicated to Sergius and Bacchus, the other to Ibraham, Isaac and Jacob) that are used for private service and during the fasting of Easter.The antiquities were excavated by a Dominican archaeological mission who has been operating in Egypt for about 10 years in the Taposiris Magna area in Alexandria.Anany hailed the exhibition as "unprecedented and distinguished".

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Mummies covered with gold were found in the coffins at the cemetery with their heads looking towards the temple as if an important person was buried in the temple.

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