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So the stories, it seems, are all completely false. The source for all the stories appears to be this story from June 1 on Sinembargo, a Mexican online news site.

Bizarrely, Sinembargo quotes its own source as Notimex, Mexico’s official state news agency. But it’s a measure of just how easy it is get a catchy story out into the media (remember this?

Since the first book, much material has come to light that cries out for publishing.

I have made contacts with printers and will now invest much time in compiling said tome.

Shakira was a certified-genius with an IQ of 140, we learned – as was Madonna (140), Steve Martin (142), Quentin Tarantino (160), James Woods (180) and 14-year-old Modern Family star Nolan Gould (150). The figures were said to have been published by Mensa, the UK-based society which calls itself an “international high IQ organisation”.Choose from a selection of wonderful GUINNESS® related images and send your card today or on your selected future date.Registered users may even choose to receive an annual reminder so those important occasions are never forgotten again!Some worth pennies/cents, others thousands of pounds/dollars.You just never know - and that's the fun and excitement.

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