Dating site ripoffs

Fundamentally, being able to determine what makes one specific person compatible with another specific person is really important and if you can utilize it to make initial introductions it goes a long way towards making the experience enjoyable. Until the age of the Internet, we all tended to swim in relatively small pools of potentially compatible people.

These approaches carried the human race for a long time and their successes were reliant on human intuition and its ability to determine compatibility.

The advent of online dating (Match and JDate were some of the earliest dating sites that are still around today) aimed to solve this “small pool” problem. Dating websites allow people to search or be matched to others they never would have met without the scale of the Internet.

In addition, because initial interactions are online, and relatively anonymous, the misery of rejection and shame diminishes.

They also have done away with the traditional subscription revenue model and instead have adopted a ‘freemium’ model.

The entire model is structured to incentivize positive behavior and successful matchmaking.

From the age of the cave to roughly the year 2000, there were two primary ways of meeting someone to date: you were either “set up” by a mutual acquaintance or you broached the dating subject with someone you already had a reason to meet (like someone at school, work, etc.).

Before I explain how Ponder works and why we believe it is such a better experience, let’s quickly look at the evolution of dating and why current ways of meeting someone are so flawed.

When this doesn’t happen, they leave the site feeling ripped off (another form of misery).

Alternatively they take a very active approach (to get their money’s worth) and they either spam the rest of the community (creating misery for others) or take dates with every suggested match, which in turn gives rise to the “grass must be greener with the next date” syndrome and yet another, new form of misery.

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