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There are three distinct concepts I want to talk to you about.

These are: understanding that women are women, trusting is the process of letting go and trust in yourself rather than put that focus on women.

He could have spent that time sincerely interacting with her or on self-improvement to make himself a more desirable man. This is one thing that is definitely a challenge for a lot of guys.

You have to be able to let go and be completely free. You are thousands of feet up in the air and about to jump out of the plane.

By having an image of perfection in our mind we give credence to the voice in our head that puts us down.

If we bring these dynamics into our awareness we have the opportunity to change them and rid ourselves of not feeling good enough.

Jennifer found someone who seemed more compatible with her.

She is a woman and has certain needs Jason was not fulfilling.

He gets worried when she doesn’t call him and generally wonders if she is serious about him or not. Jason seems somewhat indecisive and not very sure of himself.

She was in Graduate School at the time and sent me two sections, one about being a woman, and the other about being a scholar.

As you read notice how these criteria contradict each other.

An example of freedom is her going about her day and you coming into the picture at certain points in that day to bring happiness, excitement and arousal. It may seem odd to flip this around and put the focus on you, the guy. If you focus on trying to trust a woman and always wonder what she is doing when you are not around or if she is going to cheat on you, then you have lost all of your power.

You should have confidence in yourself and believe the woman wants you.

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