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Have you ever received a whisper from another player saying "Do you still have Mageweave for sale? Every Guild, Party, Say, Channel and Whisper, message will have the Who TF RU Note added next to the players name. Simply right-click on a character's name in the Chat window to bring up the Who TF RU menu, where you can Add/Modify, or Remove a note. Who TF RU: An Addon to add notes next to other characters chat messages I just installed this. The interface/addons page for this is completely blank.

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It would be awesomely delicious if there was some way you could bring up a list of everybody you've got comments for, and the comment.

As the ability is there in other places - (the ignore list and Vanos KOS spring to mind as in and out of game examples)- could chat notes take advantage of it at all? Jax/Row showed me how to get the list I was looking for up out of the Lua file, so I could a: fix the issue I had above, (with Localdefense adopting a chat note it shouldnt have), and b: to copy and save it elsewhere in case of pc disaster!

They'd be some awesome additions =) hehe yea sorry, we get a bit carried away at times (usually by men in white coats, obviously lol).

Jax is an old friend (well, lets face it, we're all old now but thats not the point...).

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Seriously though, I think chat notes has to be in my top 3 'must have' add-ons.

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