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, and (B) Shooting a video and sort of all of the things that came along with that. So it wasn’t until much, much later that I discovered the message he was trying to tell in the video and then looking at the video afterwards I could see that that message was actually quite clear.'Ms Ching has since worked as a restaurateur and focussed on her career in hospitality - leaving her 12-year position as Operations Manager at waterside Soul Bar and Bistro in 2014 before launching a new venue in trendy suburb Britomart.'After the shoot, I got a call: 'Do you want to come to Europe with me? I knew it was a passing phase, I was 23, we lived in different worlds, but he gave me an experience that I'll never forget,' mused Geeling.David Robert Haywood Jones commonly known as "David Bowie" is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, arranger, and actor.I had brought Bowie all of Burroughs' novels: Burroughs for his part had only heard two Bowie songs, "Five Years" and "Star Man," though he had read all of Bowie's lyrics.Still they had expressed interest in meeting each other.

People look to me to see what the spirit of the Seventies is, at least 50% of them do. So they have to do it in dictionaries and they take longer to say it.

After meeting in Sydney to film China Girl, it didn't take long for a relationship between the pair to blossom off-screen, with the then 23-year-old joining Bowie on his Serious Moonlight tour across Europe.'The first album I ever bought was Ziggy Stardust and Spiders from Mars so to actually meet the man in person I was totally star struck and for once I just couldn’t get any words out.

It was quite amazing.'You know we were supposed to be lovers [for the video], he worked really hard to make sure that I felt comfortable with him which was kind of odd because to feel comfortable with an icon and a hero of mine, he really made me feel comfortable and he was a pleasure to work with.' She said she'd been a Bowie fan all her life.

Forty scenes are in it and it would be nice if the characters and actors learned the scenes and we all shuffled them around in a hat the afternoon of the performance and just performed it as the scenes come out. Bowie: I get bored very quickly and that would give it some new energy. Burroughs: Could you explain this Ziggy Stardust image of yours?

I'm rather kind of old school, thinking that when an artist does his work it's no longer his.... From what I can see it has to do with the world being on the eve of destruction within five years.

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A few weeks later, Bowie went to Paris in search of Genet, following leads from Burroughs. Perhaps a collaboration has begun; perhaps, as Bowie says, they may be the Rogers and Hammerstein of the Seventies. I don't want to get other people playing with what they think that I'm trying to do.

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