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These things are superficial,” said Anuradha, who said she likes watching romance movies and is a big Shah Rukh Khan fan.

When she and her boyfriend meet, they talk about their lives and walk around the park, or eat aloo-chaat or golgappas at a roadside stall.

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“I first saw her in a jagrata (all-night prayer ritual) in my colony and knew she was made for me.

Though we used to stare at each other daily, I had to wait for another nine years before I could gather the courage to talk to her.

Tucked in the corners or behind the bushes are couples from different parts of the city; kissing or cozying up to each other under a shawl or a bedsheet.

In the background in some parks are old Muslim tombs and gumbads (domes), trees and flower gardens, some stray dogs, children at play, old people taking their daily walks alongside tourists, and picnicking families.

That’s what her employers can expect to pay for a single “date night” out at one of the city’s finer restaurants.She lives in one-room flat in the Jhuggi Jhopri colony – a settlement developed by the city government near the easternmost edge of Delhi for poor people as an alternative to illegal slums.“I don’t really want any expensive gifts, or to go to big restaurants.These aren’t the people you will meet out at what online restaurant listing service Zomato calls a typical “romantic dinner” for a couple in Delhi, where the cost for two usually starts at 3,000 rupees () and goes as high as 10,000 (5), depending on where you go.A movie date with snacks can cost somewhere around 2,500 rupees to an upper-middle class couple.

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