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This question comes up all the time, and in different ways: Do breast implants have an ‘expiration date’?

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Meaning, that it stays together in a one-piece structure, even after a significant impact.

Usually, the causes are direct trauma, and normal wear or strain on the implant over time. Whether a breast implant is filled with saline (salt water solution), or silicone, the outer shell is made of a strong form of silicone.

Although made to withstand extreme pressure and heat, the outer shell can sometimes break or be subject to puncture.

First- here’s the easy part of the answer: WHAT ARE THE AVERAGES FOR IMPLANT LIFE?

On the average, considering all types of implant, they last between 10 and 25 years.

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While there have been rare cases of hardening or deflation of the implants during a pregnancy, normally there are no complications.

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