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Last week, my instagram account hit 50,000 followers.

Fifty thousand people are hungry enough to follow my burger loving, donut face stuffing, cookie baking ass... For some people that's no big deal, but to me that's fucking huge.

Accept that and find a guy who is attracted to you and your life will be much better for it.

The "I'm sorry blah blah" might've made the difference of the comment being top comment or downvoted to oblivion. But it's a very small -VERY small - percentage that *wants* to. Yes, there are so many fat women in North America now, and there are enough guys that are just taking what they can get, that these women are still in reasonable demand - but there will come a day where the guy is going to have the option, even if it's just for a fling, to bang something reasonable - and he will.

They are specialists in Marlin and big game fishing and have the highest catch rates in Durban.

I don't know about guys, but for girls social status in their mate is really the whole package, looks, physical strength, brains, success, whether or not other woman want them, and other things.They will assist you whichever the package you book. He has penned articles in numerous fishing magazines and knows the local waters.Your regular skipper, Eric, is also skillful and knowledgeable. Blue Water Charters are pros at going after Marlin and other big game fish, being one of the charters with the highest catch rates in Durban!I kicked off my blog's instagram account almost 4 years ago, so for me it hasn't been a quick jump.It's taken years to improve my food pictures and find my own style, so this is cause for a god damn celebration!

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To get them, you will need an experienced crew by your side.

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