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Araw ng Kagitingan is a regular holiday in the Philippines and occurs on or around April 9.Many streets are closed and public transport routes may be redirected to give way for parades.Filipino women are caring, faithful wives, romantic, loyal. In addition, flipina girls by their own admission, like white men. However, there is a fact of a serious taboo on the showing of feelings in a public.According to recent research, americans are submitted as caring and kind, while the filipina men are considered to be cruel and cheaters. Unlike women from Europe, filipina sleep much more.Malls and other leisure areas remain open and most people may go to these places and use this day as a family day.The Day of Valor, also known as Araw ng Kagitingan, commemorates the heroism of Filipinos and American Soldiers when the Japanese occupied the Philippines during World War II. King, of the United States Army, was forced to surrender more than 76,000 Filipinos, Chinese and American soldiers to the Japanese at dawn on April 9, 1942.If you wish, additionally, you can upgrade your membership for a small fee to get the premium option to contact all Members directly via internal mail, chat room,...etc Of course all message from VIP Members can be answered by all (even free) members.

They hate cooking a lot and do not like keeping housework.Despite the trials of defeat, the captured soldiers stood strong and heroes emerged from the event.The surrender of Bataan hastened the fall of Corregidor.World War II veterans parade in different cities in the Philippines on this day.There are small parades in different localities in the Philippines but the Araw ng Kagitingan’s main highlight occurs when the country’s president gives a speech at the Mt Samat shrine, in the Bataan province, to commemorate the heroism of the Filipinos and American troops during the World War II.

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