Forgiveness and forgiving communication in dating relationships

Being a nice guy does not mean that everything should go your way and all girls must say yes to you.

Beware the dude who is constantly downtrodden because he’s suuuuch a nice guy and no girl ever pays attention to him.

Learning to take responsibility for that behavior is a whole other can of worms.

Sexism, whether accidental or intentional, still exists and can be a present ideology in even the best boyfriends.

Not everyone is raised to be an intersectional feminist and not everyone cares to google why their behavior is problematic or sexist.The idea that any woman, especially women in the public eye, are by default open to random critique based on their appearance is sexist.Unless directly asked for your opinion, why do you feel the need to bring it up like it matters that you think Kelly Clarkson looks puffy?Remember that time Bow Wow said he CREATED his girlfriend, Erica Mena? When your boyfriend gets nit-picky about your whole look, that’s some next level sexism. 3) He says “you’re not like other girls,” or he has a “crazy ex-girlfriend.” Let’s just make a list of pejorative terms used to undermine the legitimate behaviors and actions of women and have a big, collective NOPE.This goes back to constantly comparing to other women.

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