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if you need to make smaller payments in between, however, you can arrange this by calling our Concierge department at 1-800-915-2322 at the time you wish to make the payment.

If you decide to use our deposit program the final balance is autocharged 21 days prior to departure so you would want to book early enough to make it worth doing the deposit.

didn't see many fish but the coral reefs where nice. The crew of boat are great, tell Captain Ron and firstmate Richard I said HI!! We took about a 15 min boat ride and snorkled for 45 minutes then went to another spot about 10 min away and snorkeled another 45 min. It is possible that some of the ROH Double rooms could have an Ocean View, however it is not guaranteed.

The views in the ROH category can be ocean, garden or pool or resort view and are subject to availability.

If one person needs airfare but two people will be staying at the resort, then you will have to pay the additional cost, not sure how much.

When you book they tell you how much deposit you have to for July I think you have to pay for the all think now I always buy insurance because you are covered for anything including missing flights or any other incident or damage. Food, restaurants that you need a reservation for (specialty places, asian, steakhouse, italian) snorkeling, kayaking, beach food, all bars, restaurants.

Now that we have experienced it for a week, I will Express my opinions in hope that it will be helpful to other people. They were always going the distance to make EVERYONE including children have a great time!!! Our deposit program typically allows for 2 payments - the inital deposit and the remaining balance is automatically charged 21 days prior to travel.Ditch your 9 to 5 and get yourself to Riu Montego Bay. The deposit program is a great way to split your payments for your reservation.(Really - we wouldn't disappoint you.) With Riu, you know what level of crazy good service you're going to get. "Just got back mon 7/16 after staying 4 nights, thrs-mon.. We had a room with an ocean view on the ground floor!! There is a convenience fee to do a deposit, and at the time of booking you will have to pay for airfare, any additional insurance you might purchase, taxes, and the deposit fee.There are snorkeling excursions in which you can purchase in the Montego Bay area. Snorkeling on the beach at resort is worthless, they will give you equipment free just nothing to see.Upon searching the internet for snorkeling in Montego Bay, helpful information was found when visiting the website link take an excusrion that includes catamaran, snorkling and margarittaville.about 10 minutes away from the resort. Go to the watersport shack and pay for the snorkeling trip well worth the money.

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