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Financial domination is the erotic fantasy in which the submissive (or money slave) gives gifts and money to the dominant person, the financial dominatrix or fin domme.

I have never experienced that – but I’ll bet there would be such a look of confidence and power in Her. Knowing that She is free to indulge Herself – and the price to be paid is that I must sacrifice and cut back. Worshipping Her – if shopping for shoes makes Her happy, for example – then drawing comfort from knowing that She can spend many an afternoon indulging in Her passion. – Source” But then there is the more public side of playing in the financial domination world, apparently you get outed or it could be argued that some find erotic pleasure in being blackmailed. Their full information was published online.) Those that engage in selling financial domination are not afraid to be very open and direct about what they intended to do; treat you badly and take all of your money.

No expectation of reward, just appreciative of a quiet “Thank you, born to be used” – and no implied ownership as a result.

Other times, I have knelt before a Woman and offered Her deeper access into my life.

But there may be virtually no further intimacy between the individuals and no physical sexual contact. Are you worthy enough to be my money slave and take me shopping or give me large amounts of cash whenever I demand it?

I have no idea how widespread this fetish behavior is but it could certainly result in money troubles if the erotic fetish overpowered the prudent use of money, credit, and debt. I’m beautiful, thin, tall, busty, with long dark hair and olive skin. If interested in financial domination with the gorgeous Goddess, Princess Michelle then email me.

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I have had the experience, in my past, of handing a Woman an envelope with all my most personal details – bank account numbers and online access passwords; credit card details and balances; online (Yahoo, aol, etc) passwords – things like that.

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