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I may try layering Gabrielle with No 5 L’Eau for a change. It seems "cheaply made" to me..the cap is Weird too.??? It’s before she became a fatal woman calculating the result of her love stories and sex relations on her financial situation and wealth.I bet it would be interesting :) Gabrielle has woefully short longevity for a bottle that is so dear. I wish that I could say more than this is a pleasant, competent perfume. " I don't get any tuberose at all, which earns Gabrielle an A - and I might add, no amber, no vanilla, no woody woods! This fragrance is sunny, sparkling and before all extremely elegant and feminine.No, it isn't spectacular, and yes, it's boring and safe (the citrus tea), as everyone says, but the airy-woodsy-musky drydown is appealing to me, so I go back again. I think I at least understand it better than I did when I first reviewed it. It wears off quickly so you could safely wear this to work then come home and put on something more interesting that you actually want to smell like. ) lily-of-valley peach hairspray = scent of perfume shop (mixture of several perfumes) or Comme une Evidence?? Maybe it needed something like blast of frangipani for all the other white flower notes to dance around. Or even a sweet, honeyed green grape note to tart it up and make it unexpected.I don't have longevity problems with it, but it does wear close. This is Chanel's office safe, no brainer, "I just want to smell nice", fragrance. This is a great fragrance if this is what you're looking for. I don't know, there was definitely something missing to keep this from being on the level of Chance Eau Tendre and Coco Mademoiselle.

To me, Gabrielle is "unique" in its own way, as a "bridge", connecting Chanel No 5 line to the rest of the world, already filled with "fruity", "candied" sweet, and white floral scents :) I LOVE the new No 5 L’Eau EDT though. About the longetivity - I agree, it´s not so strong like other Chanels...that´s why it probably doesn´t have so many fans. ' and in the battle with the release of Twilly, I chose sides for the latter.I wish I could write a more creative review for this one but it really inspires nothing.This fragrance is "citrusy" (orange blossom) in a mild way.And being a safe scent for the day is just a nice bonus. In my interpretation it presents a woman that had to come through great struggle and many obstacles in life to finally find some warmth and safety. But do you want people to smell you from far away and for a long time if you smell sharp and generic?Perhaps it's just my nose, but I can't detect any specific notes in this one.

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I feel that Chanel is beginning to feel like that old saying: same same, but different. What I sense is Chanel No5 with a wonderful orange blossom, but still very unique. Fizzy orange and orange blossom in the opening change facets like kaleidoscope. Middle notes are white flowers and the leading note is jasmine. And finally woody magic base composed of sandalwood and musk.

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