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As I understood it, that meant I was a Christian and saved. In my preschool years, I was pretty outgoing and I guess I could say "adventurous." This changed pretty quickly once I entered grade school.However, I am pretty sure no one would have looked at my life and concluded that I was a Christian. School was, and always has been, a challenge for me.I am sure that he loved me, but he just had no idea of how to express love.My mother, on the other hand, was what almost anyone would call the perfect mother.

However, as a Christian now looking back, the biggest mistake both of my parents made (and many parents make) was not having me and my brother in a church and children's/youth group that preached the Gospel and taught about the importance of a personal, saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

This would have changed the whole course of my life during my school years.

Instead, we were in a cold, dead church with only a few kids my age, who were just as lost as I was.

In an effort to get away from home and all of my problems, I decided to head off to college in a southern state.

This appeared to be an easygoing, laid-back school, which I thought I wanted, but instead it was a nightmare for me. Over the weekends, almost everyone would go home to families and I would be alone.

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(One story few can top is that I was "expelled for life" from Sunday School for refusing to write a prayer and say it out loud during class.

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