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In addition, harvest pace is slower than average with the corn harvest at 11 percent harvested (compared to 17 percent for the 5-year average) and soybean harvest at 10 percent (12 percent for the 5-year average).

At this early harvest stage and with adverse navigation conditions, elevated barge rates could continue well into mid-October.

Louis and everywhere else in between,” Fogarty said.

Spot cash premiums for corn barges delivered to the Gulf Coast climbed to the highest since early December as exporters scrambled for supplies to meet near term loading commitments.

Barge traffic was breaking up surface ice, but the ice floes were stacking up and refreezing in larger blocks at locks and dams, known in river parlance as gorging, making the locks more difficult to open and close. The barges were not discharging the chemical into the river and the vessels were removed from the shipping channel so the river there remains open, he said. Army Corps of Engineers was restricting the width of barge tows passing through Illinois River locks due to the ice buildup so larger tows need to be broken into pieces, which more than doubles the locking time.

At least two barges containing liquid urea fertilizer were taking on water after their hulls were ruptured by heavy ice near Havana, Illinois, on Thursday morning, said U. Traffic was restricted to one-way for 10 miles near Peoria, Illinois, because ice has narrowed the shipping lane. “While the ice is slowing things down, the river continues to move and products are still getting from Chicago to St.

“Snow cover will remain quite thin across the western Midwest and eastern Plains, and some winterkill damage is currently expected there by Tuesday and Wednesday mornings,” said Don Keeney, senior agricultural meteorologist with MDA Weather Services.

If the newly collected data justifies any changes, NASS will publish updated harvested acreage estimates in the October 12 report.Outstanding (unshipped) export sales continued to increase for soybeans but decreased for wheat and corn. The tariff is a 2-year tariff rate quota (TRQ) and will take place when imports from the United States surpass 158 million gallons. Year-to-date imports of ethanol to Brazil from the United States are currently at 310 million gallons, three times more than this time last year.According to recent reports, Brazil has imposed a 20 percent tariff on U. The action has caused agricultural trade organizations representing biofuels and grain interests to urge lawmakers to take immediate action against this decision. ethanol, imported 279 million gallons of ethanol from the United States last year, up over 140 percent from 2015, and representing 25 percent of total U. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma significantly impacted many crops in the Southeast.With the delays on the waterways, weekly railcar deliveries to the Mississippi Gulf for the week ending September 20 were up 148 percent compared to the previous week.For the week ending September 21, total inspections of grain (corn, wheat, and soybeans) for export from major U. export regions reached 2.31 million metric tons (mmt), up 8 percent from the previous week, down 15 percent from the same time last year, and 4 percent above the 3-year average.

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This week’s cold also had less impact on Midwest hog producers and pork processors, although some farmers delayed deliveries of animals to slaughter plants. “I understand the weather hasn’t had any major impact on our operations,” said Worth Sparkman, spokesman for the country’s largest meat processor Tyson Foods Inc.

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