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The Tank Museum boasts the most extensive collection of tank and cavalry artifacts collection found in the world.

Dating from 1509 to present day with all nations represented, the Museums has over 103 tanks and artillery pieces, 150 mid size weapons, over 1500 Tank and cavalry uniforms, 1300 pieces of headgear, pins, patches, and other military memorabilia.

In high school, my senior superlative would have been? It would most likely be some sort of pasta with seafood. I watch and attend as many games as possible--I grew up loving and playing it, and nothing has changed." Emily Thompson Age: 29 City: Portsmouth Occupation: Family Case Manager, For Kids Kids? I went as death a couple years back--red and black hair, black nails, lipstick and eyeliner. You have the option to control where all the tax money goes in Hampton Roads. I’d start with education and the Foodbank and go from there. That would depend on her likes and dislikes, but it would always include my signature chocolate-dipped candied bacon. The Foodie "My chef’s knives are the tools of my trade. They also kind of mirror my personality--edgy, sharp and dangerous." Andi Baldree Age: 39 City: Virginia Beach Occupation: CEO, Enchanted Forest Nursery and Stone Kids?

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In high school, my senior superlative would have been? If I could give my younger self advice, I would tell her ...

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