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Millions took to the streets, and at Behest-e Zahra, or Zahra’s Paradise, where Khomeini was buried, the lamentation was so overwhelming that his coffin, carried by the crowds, had trouble making it to its grave site.His obituary in The New York Times was almost 3,500 words but quick to encapsulate the man, a Shiite Muslim cleric, and his importance to Iran and the world: “The life of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini was so shadowy, with such an overlay of myth and rumor, that there was lingering disagreement or uncertainty about his ancestry, his true name and his date of birth,” Raymond H. “But when he returned in triumph to Teheran on Feb.His identity was not confirmed for weeks, but in time he would become internationally famous as a bold, or very imprudent, figure. Mc Candless died alone in an abandoned bus on the Stampede Trail, a desolate stretch of backcountry near Denali, in August 1992. Mc Candless and directed by Sean Penn, was released in 2008. Mc Candless’s story continues to fascinate, confound and infuriate readers two decades after “Into the Wild” was first published. Krakauer said it was by far his best-selling work, adding, “I get more hate mail from this book than probably from anything else.” “He’s this Rorschach test: People read into him what they see,” he said of Mr. “Some people see an idiot, and some people see themselves. Mc Candless came from a well-off family on the East Coast.He was surrounded by his meager provisions: a .22-caliber rifle; some well-worn and annotated paperbacks; a camera and five rolls of exposed film; and the diary, 113 cryptic notes on the back pages of a book that identified edible plants. Mc Candless died, from starvation aggravated by accidental poisoning, he had survived for more than 110 days on nothing but a 10-pound sack of rice and what he could hunt and forage in the unforgiving taiga. He graduated from Emory University with honors, then disappeared in 1990.

Ayatollah Khomeini felt a holy mission to rid Iran of what he saw as Western corruption and degeneracy and to return the country, under an Islamic theocracy, to religious purity.” Today he is remembered as the Shiite Muslim cleric who, on Feb.We wandered back into a fatal Alaskan odyssey and over the rainbow.We heard the echoes of shots that reverberated in America and around the world.And such a man, his former revolutionary compatriots thought, deserved a pilgrimage site all his own.Today, 27 years after his death, the sprawling, golden-domed Imam Khomeini shrine is one of the largest religious complexes in the world.

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