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In Speed Dating, each player must use the cards in his hand to design a character, to introduce him (or her), and to convince another player that he (or she) is her o(or his) best match.Speed Dating feels like a minimalistic role playing game, in which a character is just made of three small cards, always different ones – for example “war weapons collector, spends his holidays in Kazakhstan, likes movies about gladiators” – all male cards, of course – or “eats only organic vegetables, enjoys to talk about her childhood with swinger parents in the seventies, campaigns to save the whales” – all female cards.Si certaines cartes peuvent être simplement traduites, beaucoup devront sans doute être totalement réécrites, et cela demandera un peu de temps et de travail.Speed Dating est publié par un jeune éditeur, Letheia, dont c’est la deuxième réalisation, et très joliment illustré par Giulia Ghigini. In the eighties, I used to play tabletop role playing games, mostly Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve kept from these good old days a liking for strongly themed games, and the idea that live action role playing games are the essential form of gaming, and that all other games, be they sport, boardgames or even online games, are only lazy substitutes.I got older, I wanted to move to something else, and I didn’t have enough time, so I gave up role playing games, but I always regretted it a bit.

Speed Dating est donc une sorte de jeu de rôles minimaliste, dans lequel votre personnage est constitué de trois petites cartes, toujours différentes, par exemple : Collectionne les armes de guerre, Passe ses vacances au Kazakhstan, Son livre préféré : le petit prince (cartes hommes), ou se nourrit de légumes bio, adore raconter son enfance avec des parents échangistes, veut sauver les baleines (cartes femmes).

Speed Dating, puis le tout aussi délirant Mouette Rieuse, avec mon amie Nathalie Grandperrin, A Day in my Life avec une autre jolie rousse, Anja Wrede, et tout seul The Big Movie et Devine qui vient dîner ce soir.

Speed Dating, qui a trouvé un éditeur dès la deuxième partie test, est le premier à paraître. Les trois autres cherchent un éditeur, donc, si vous êtes intéressé…

The scenario is always the same, a Speed Dating evening.

At the Last bar before the end of the world, the Parisian geek café where I made several game tests sessions these last months, Speed Dating was the most played and the most praised among my prototypes. This talking game with simple rules fits well in a café ambiance, especially after several cocktails, and most geeks are former RPG players.

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