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I would suggest that your code would need to be like this - DATE_TEST//DMYY = DATECVT(DATE,'A8DMYY','DMYY'); Use this to see what I mean.First copy and paste the code into a fex and run it as is.and see that you now only get the "date" range that you expected.The first part of the code just creates a temporary file to mimic the type of data you inferred that you have.Now in America it harmonizes well with the moral ideals rooted here.As soon as you see small tight pussy, you will want to kiss that!EX -LINES 3 EDAPUT MASTER, JOESDATES, CF, MEM, FILENAME=JOESDATES, SUFFIX=XFOC,$ SEGNAME=SEG1 FIELD=DATE, , A8 , A8 , $ -RUN CREATE FILE JOESDATES MODIFY FILE JOESDATES FIXFORM DATE. And some celebs hail their playboy/playgirl status high and proud!

As one of our partners, you will always be one step ahead of the market, keeping your image fresh and new.You should just be able to NEWDATE/A8MDYY=DATE;and if you need a smart date NEWDATE_MDYY/MDYY=NEWDATE; Do you need something different than that?In FOCUS since 1991WF Server: 7.7.04 on Linux and Z/OS, Report Caster, Self-Service, MRE, Java, Flex Data: DB2/UDB, Adabas, SQL Server Output: HTML, PDF, EXL2K/07, PS, AHTML, Flex WF Client: 77 on Linux w/Tomcat One thing to remember about alpha representations of date fields (A8 not A8DMYY etc.) is that they are not dates, they only "look" like dates and won't be parsed like dates.If you are going to compare like for like in an equality test then you really do not have to bother too much about how you represent the value e.g. However, if you are going to do a range evaluation then you really ought to rearrange the alpha field to look like year month day or use a proper date field (if you can) as then a comparison such as WHERE date1 FROM date2 TO date3 will work so much better.For example, using the above test, if you have date2 and date3 values of "01012008" and "31122008" you will retrieve date1 values of "01022007" and "01022009" because they fall within the range given.

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