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She is the future Mother of God, and she was ever holy, ever pure, ever Immaculate.which was revealed to the Apostles by the Divine Son of Mary, inherited by the Church, taught by the holy fathers, believed by each generation of the Christian people with an ever increasing explicitnesswas implied in the very notion of a Mother of God.

To believe that Mary was Mother of God, was implicitly to believe that she, on whom this sublime dignity was conferred, had never been defiled with the slightest stain of sin, and that God had bestowed upon her an absolute exemption from sin.

The second Eve is created; and from her own blood [which, with the exception of the element of sin, is the same as that which makes you to be the children of Adam], she is shortly to give you the God-Man, who proceeds from her according to the flesh, as l Ie proceeds from the Father according to the eternal generation.

The happy Mother of the Messias was to be born before the Messias Himself; and this is the day of the Conception of Mary.

The earth already possesses a first pledge of the Divine mercy; the Son of Man is near at hand.

But now the Immaculate Concept Ion of Mary rests on an explicit definition dictated by the Holy Ghost.

Peter has spoken by the mouth of Pius; and when Peter has spoken, every Christian should believe; for the Son of God has said: 'I have prayed for thee, Peter, that thy faith fail not.' And again: 'The Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring all things to your mind, whatsoever I shall have said to you.'The Symbol of our faith has therefore received not a new truth, but a new light on a truth which was previously the object of the universal belief.

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