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When I looked again after a few days, the new users were missing again.This same symptom is happening to my Outlook/Cached mode clients. Have seen some issues when migrating from Exchange 2003 to 2010 on users who use cached exchange mode.The following unproductive messaging scenarios are common in any messaging environment: All of these scenarios involve the user sending a message, expecting it to be delivered, and instead receiving a response stating that the message isn't delivered.Even in the best-case scenario, like the automatic reply, these events result in lost productivity.All the new employees added after the migration are listed properly in OWA / but are missing in Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2003 (both cached mode).On one of the Outlook 2010 computers I deleted the files and restarted Outlook - I found that the "new" users appeared.The Mailbox Full Mail Tip is displayed if the sender adds a recipient whose mailbox is full and your organization has implemented a Prohibit Receive restriction for mailboxes over a specified size.

This could happen if the sender addresses a message to a user who is no longer with the company but whose address resolves due to name resolution cache or an entry in the sender's Contacts folder.

The Mail Tip indicates the recipient has Automatic Replies turned on and also displays the first 250 characters of the automatic reply configured by the recipient. If the message isn't immediately sent, the Mail Tip is updated every two hours.

If part of your user mailboxes are hosted on Exchange Online and you're in a coexistence with Exchange Online scenario, the setting on the remote domain object that represents the remote part of your organization has a direct effect on how this Mail Tip is processed.

However, you can change this configuration and have the custom Mail Tip also display.

For more information about configuring custom Mail Tips, see Configure Custom Mail Tips for Recipients.

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