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Here’s a simple reality — large numbers of men enter high-status professions (such as entertainment and politics) in part or even primarily to gain access to beautiful women.Large numbers of men achieve wealth in part or even primarily to gain access to beautiful women.But if men fail (and they too often do) when the moral codes are more strict and the call to live a higher purpose is more pronounced, why do sexual revolutionaries believe men will fail less when the moral codes diminish and sexual freedom is considered part of their life’s purpose?Do they not see the linkage between handing out condoms by the armload — and celebrating “sex weeks” in college — and the number of women who feel used, abused, and exploited? Meanwhile rumors roiled Twitter that more congressmen would be outed soon — perhaps 20 or more.

We can’t make a perfect world, but we do have a choice. It’s time to recognize and respond to human nature, or — despite the best of intentions — we will continue to choose to be worse.Large numbers of men who enter high-status professions or gain wealth for good and virtuous reasons soon become corrupted by access to beautiful women.As we’ve learned, some men even become so-called “male feminists” primarily to gain the trust of beautiful women. Indeed, for men, having a beautiful woman on your arm is often seen as the ultimate marker of status.In a very real way, a good man can be a shelter from the storm. Channeled into that higher purpose it can be the foundation for the ambition that builds careers or creates the tolerance for risk that empowers entrepreneurs or lays the foundation for the courage of soldiers and sailors.Given the reality of male human nature, I can think of few cultural messages more destructive — more enabling for sexual predators — than the sexual-revolution ethics that of human interaction.

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Much of the modern moral struggle is the war between entitlement and obligation.

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