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Granted, there may be fewer of these men in the DC area, but what gets left out of the discussion is that the women complaining aren’t exactly exceling in their traditional roles either.

Last summer I had an intern who told me her worst nightmare was to have to cook dinner for a man every night.

Meanwhile unemployment among college graduates is at an all-time high, and the majority of those graduates with jobs are not even working in their field of study.

Plus, they owe a trillion dollars in student loans. And still, we push a four-year college degree as the best way for the most people to find a successful career?

Megan hinted that she was spending V-Day with Mike after Snapchatting an image of her's and another man's hand about to down shots in a bar in the Dutch city.

The Celebrity Big Brother star then shared a picture of her hotel room after finally returning from her night out, with the bed covered in a heart of rose petals.

Both aim to convince us that everything else we’ve read is wrong or that we can trick our bodies and brains into wanting something better than what we’ve had in the past.

” Using this common sense logic, why would we encourage men and women down a path that may not lead to success, just to even out percentages?

The advice single women should be getting is to throw away a must-have list based on stereotypes about certain jobs.

Recently, wrote, “There are 49 percent more college-educated women in DC, age 24 and younger, than college-educated men.

Americans typically marry within their same educational level, so it’s no wonder dating can be downright awful for women.” To the chagrin of women like me who don’t give a lick about degrees (and even prefer so-called “blue collar” men), the expert concluded, “The long term solution is to get more men to attend college.

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