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I am very real not looking to waste anyones time looking for real chat and see where it goes from there .Have face pics and will cam also My Ideal Person looking for fun secure couples and select women .Any time I read of a claimed transition between one kind of something to another kind of something, I love to find out what sedimentary rock layer it was found in.Most of the time, secular reports give an “age,” not a rock layer.Have face pics and will cam with those that are sincere about possibly getting together be shy lets chat and see where it goes from there .We all know that the profiles people write about themselves on online dating sites are not always accurate.This age is an interpretation of a rock layer—keep that in mind.This age is not a measured quantity but an interpreted one (from chemical analyses or position in the strata sequence’s uniformitarian timeframe). It is interpreted in light of millions of years being an absolute fact that be questioned.

Sometimes you can do some “reverse engineering” by taking the age and back translating it to what rock layer the fossil was found in.It’s not found in shallow connections, winks and swipes but in the unwavering belief that it will be found. Base your philosophy not on experience, statistics or propaganda.Base your belief on the simple truth which is, whether you believe that you will or you wont’, you’ll be right. Of course, there are rock layers that have formed since the Flood, due to local floods, volcanic eruptions, and so on. They were fleeing from and finally buried and fossilized in the Flood. Besides, birds (Day Five) were created before dinosaurs (Day Six, being land animals).But most of the layers in question formed in the Flood. It obviously deals with the in regards to the rock layers. When people say they have found a missing link in the rock layers, it is typically sitting in Flood rock or post-Flood rock. Dinosaurs are also found in rock layers from the Flood, putting them around 4,350 years old too. So birds were around prior to dinosaurs and did not to evolve from dinosaurs.

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