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This sail made me go literally CRAZY FUN, had amazing power, super speedy acceleration, it's reinforced so very strong, and yet still super maneuverable.

I did some spocks, duck jibes, high jumps and even tried some back loops.

I’ve been sailing with the Oxygen 2018 quite a lot during the photo shooting this year, this year the sail is super comfortable, stable, allows easy planning and helps in the turns.

It matches perfectly with a classic freewave board.

The standard internet safety tips are the most relevant here.

Ensure that your anti-virus is up to date at all times, and do not open e-mail attachments unless you are expecting them from people you know.

I was more than pleasantly surprised, as the stability I would associate with cambered sails was instantly there when I started planing.

After the Director of the FBI, James Comey, admitted that government offices in the US cover their webcams so that “people who don’t have authority don’t look at you”, many people have woken up and started to take this idea more seriously.

Loftsails using high quality Dimension Polyant films considered as a leading film manufacturer.

The BI-PLY colored monofilm are two films laminated together.

During production there is a large temperature difference between the two films at the lamination point.

This causes the top film (film with color adhesive) to slightly shrink and the bottom film does not shrink at the same rate. When making a warranty claim in the first year the product is unconditionally warranted.

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