Nicole simpson and ron goldman dating

The murder trial finally concluded that October with Simpson being acquitted on the charges.

The Goldmans did, however, eventually win their civil case against Simpson and won a .5 million settlement.

Committed to his own health and fitness, he frequented the gym and avoided alcohol.

Goldman was an occasional nightclub promoter and a onetime model, but he hoped to one day become a restauranteur.

Fred and Kim Goldman also launched their own legal battle against Simpson by filing a wrongful death suit against the former football player.

Dropping out after a year of college, Goldman moved to California where his family had relocated.

There's all kind of stuff around…blood and stuff around," he continued.

"I hate to say this, but this is hypothetical," he adds while laughing.

He had plans to meet up with a friend and go out after stopping by Simpson’s Brentwood condo, but he never made it there.

Goldman and Simpson were killed outside of Simpson’s home sometime that night.

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